Performances are coming, in London

Tomorrow night, 4th May - 9pm, at the Yard Theatre


By Lise Boucon and Lydia Wildauer and with the participation of Camilla Canocchi.

TRIUMPH is a duo/duet/duel. Naked, 2 women are wearing but one glove each. They are in a ring, they are fighting. It is a special fight. A fight of possession.
The rules are simple: DON’T THINK! JUST DO IT! Cheating is forbidden. Otherwise, everything is permitted.

TRIUMPH - THE picture

Live Art performance on an original idea of Lise Boucon & Tallulah Haddon
Age Guidance: 16+

In double bill with LAST YEARZ INTERESTING NEGRO + ROWDY SS at 7:30pm

More informations and booking:


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