I had my first acting experience by being involved in the brilliant theatre workshop of my high school. Then I’ve joined the professional training running by the no less brilliant Luc Faugères, in Bordeaux - work inspired by the Method (Stanislavsky, Chekhov) and based on physical trainings, energy, improvisation; working on text comes after.

Then I entered the professional training at the National School of Dramatic Art in Montpellier, then headed by Ariel-Garcia Valdès. Three years during which I had the opportunity to meet and work with Philippe Demarles, Christophe Rauck, Françoise Bette, Françoise Rondeleux, Cécile Garcia-Fogel, Anne Martin, Jean-Yves Ruff, Alexandre Del Peruggia ...
The school year group we were, having a very good energy and collaboration, decide to create a company, called Machine Theater.
We are a group of actors and actresses, in which the directing moves from one to an other, according to the wishes / ideas / desires. We explore the artistic univers of Edward Bond, Marion Aubert, Maxime Gorky, Didier-Georges Gabily, Fabrice Melquiot, Evgueni Schwartz, Pasolini, Shakespeare, Chekhov,... Dramatic theatre in black boxes.
In parallel, I work with some other directors: Jean-Marc Bourg, Christophe Rauck, Yan Allegret ...

And then, the dance.

about creation


I’ve started to dance in my youngest age (6 years old!) with ballet. I become very quickly totally passionate. The shows at the end of each year are so many celebrations that punctuate my childhood. I like that, I have a ball... and if my little girl‘s dreams to become a dancer (“prima ballerina” of course!) are soon switch off, I continue, tirelessly. 
Later, as a young adult, I discover African dance - the revelation - which put down roots, unblock my pelvis, break many rigidities, and offer many possibilities. 
Then come contemporary dance, improvisation and composition. I follow a self-taught training by an active and assiduous presence in various classes, and workshops. I do not hesitate to move in France, but also in Belgium, in Burkina Faso, or in Germany. I work with Marc Tompkins, Odile Duboc, Janet Panetta, Samuel Lefèvre from the Ballets C of the B, Joanne Leighton, Marcelo Evelin, Rasmus Ölme, Lizbeth Grüwez ... for the most "known / international" - the others forgive me. 
This eclecticism draws a sinuous and / or coherent path 
That colours my palette with so many variations, and give me many inspiration influences. 
That, step by step, give me access to the artist I am, less and less actress, never really dancer, but more and more personal and singular. 

And then come the creation… about creation