outdoor performative and participative dance workshop, for all ages
length: 1 hour
by Lise Boucon & DJ Local Foreigner

Are you tired of running in circles in the park next door, or cycling along the same boring seaside? Are you looking for a new way to sweat and exorcize your current (Covid) demons?!
Come and meet Stephanie & Juan, dance, and let it go!

Stephanie on the mic & Juan on the desk are inviting you to a dance journey to reconnect with your inner YOU, where dreams, hope, joy are waiting for you to be shaken up&down.  
From traditional dancing to transe, we will experiment an intimate + collective ritual, to celebrate re-CONNECTION! 

Wear comfortable shoes and fun clothing. Bring water. And LET IT GO!
(all in respecting social distancing guidelines)


DANCE WITH… is born in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pushed by the need to get out, to be together, to get reconnected to the others as well as to oneself, dancing has never been that urgent and necessary as a way to let it go, and maybe finding some sense to all this desperate madness.

Dance and/or movement is here used as a cathartic medium to re-connect! 
 – Re-connect first (1st) to the inner personae that is in each of us, our secret and mystery inner child – the one who is bound to the universe, its magnificence and deepness, its calm and silence, the one who is the source of joy.
– Re-connect second (2nd) to the collective, in order not to forget our sense of belonging and recognition, in being part of this group of people, the community, that we call humanity. 
 – Re-connect third (3rd) to the power of our creative energy. Based on kinesis and taï chi experiences, we are leading the participants in a journey beyond their own physical limits to reach a sense of unlimited power.

This journey is happening with the complicity of alter ego Local Foreigner* whose work is primarily manifested through Live art, clothing, installation, puppetry and DJ. LF’s artistic interests lie in the tensions, intensity and resonance of everyday life, and how this can manifest through art that is both political and ethereal.
DJ ‘on the desk’ in DANCE WITH… Local Foreigner proposes here a wide variety of music and sounds to support the participants, as to make them travelling around the world and flying in the light of their consciousness. From folklore, to world music, to techno mixed with soundmaps…

@Plinth Project, Folkestone Creative Quarter, 31st October

The workshop felt very freeing. The music and the facilitation was playful and allowed people with different levels of dance experience to join in. I really enjoyed it as great exercise, lots of fun and a cathartic release. Thank you Helen

In time I felt myself in an atmospheric synchronisation with the other participants and although we all danced in our individual ways we were dancing together. (…) DANCE WITH was a fully enjoyable body and mind experience. Alex

I read somewhere that the word ‘emotion’ is derived from the latin word ‘emovere’ meaning to move, move out or move through. Dance With… allowed me to explore my emotions, connect with my body and its place in the world. Louella

Well first of all it gave me the most invigorating, transcendental, aerobic workout I have had in years! (…) The general atmosphere among the audience was fantastic and totally inclusive, grandparents parents and kids of all age shape and size, I would say that a good time was had by all! (…) In my opinion something like this could and should as a rule be made regularly available to the public. I am sure that the physical and mental health benefits would far outweigh any logistical cost! Joseph