Project combining dance, (Live Art) and writing
in between inside and outside
from private to public space

For this work, Lise has been recipient of the Sesame Seeds Funding by Creative Folkestone  Sesame Snaps_Video

This project will be the opportunity for me to develop new methodologies, in a time when my professional career is suspended between a BEFORE and an AFTER.

ET APRÈS // AFTERWARDS is for now a research project around dance as ritual, exploring and questioning:
– dance as a trance
– dance, its universal expressive power 
– dance, its potential for re-connection
– its ritualistic value
– dance as a ritual for a possible passage towards a more acute understanding of our inclusive diversity
– dance as a connective experience, a way back to the ideals of community.

The starting point is the expression AFTERWARDS, as a doorway to a physical and temporal space, certainly emotional, to be explored, discovered and invented.
If this point of departure originates and resonates in the current context of the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to broaden its meaning and field of investigation:
   After the silence 
   After the night
   After love
   After the first scream
   After the last cigarette
   After forgiveness

2020 has been a time for a first exploration,
with two coming-out/work-in-progress to be developed in 2021:
AFTERWARDS a solo performance
– & an outdoor performative dance workshop: DANCE WITH…
(in collaboration with DJ Local Foreigner)

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AFTERWARDS solo performance
@Last Fridays, Performance s p a c e, Folkestone, 25th November
DANCE WITH... dance workshop for public space
@Plinth Project, Folkestone Creative Quarter, 31st October

It has never seemed more crucial to me than to be socially engaged through my art practice. Witnessing the present, I am concerned of what’s going on and I have the sense of not being able to escape the necessity of being creative in and about the contemporary times. 

Challenging the current limitations socially created for us and by us, ET APRÈS // AFTERWARDS will try to offer the possibility to be creative and expressive within and beyond the restrictions. It is about offering a safe space for self expression, physical and/or verbal, in order to explore ourselves from a different perspective, and to reconnect to our inner being(s) – which gives hope.