I am a multi-genres artist (performer and maker): theatre, dance and Live Art.

I’ve been trained in theatre at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Montpellier (National High School of Dramatic Art). Starting ballet in my childhood, I practice contemporary dance and improvisation with a wide range of French and international teachers and choreographers.

In parallel of a career as a staged actress, I started to develop my own work in 2008, which slid from a mix of dance and theatre into Live Art. In ten years, I’ve created a repertoire of about 10 pieces, shown in France, in UK and internationally – London (The Yard Theatre, Steakhouse Live Festival, Wandsworth Fringe), Manchester (hÅb), Leeds (Live Art Bistro) and Edinburgh, Göteborg Fringe Festival, Montpellier (Mouvement-sur-la-Ville Festival) and so on.

I perform in non-dedicated and site-specific spaces, in a close/intimate relationship with the audience, to share intimates reflexions.

Using the body as main tool, all my work questions identity: who am I? And individual freedom: education, culture, history, gender, how to break free from all the preconceived definitions/norms?
From personal stories to common narratives, there is no limit (formal or moral) in my research, in solo or in collaboration. I’m going as far as my intuition leads me. 

Unusual, odd, provocative and/or radical, baroque and surrealist, definitely peculiar, so is my work. 
Because I leave the door of my unconscious, my imagination, my dreams, my strangeness, OPEN. Because behind my/and each/ social individual there is an imaginative/strange person. 
Is this my queerness?
An artistic and philosophical queerness…