On an original idea of Lise Boucon and Tallulah Haddon
with Lise Boucon & Lydia Wildauer and the participation of Camilla Canocchi
Length 50’
Support The Yard Theatre
I do remember, one day, when I was a child, I had a game with my father. From a cuddle, we started licking the cheek of the other, you know, instead of giving a kiss. Don’t remember who started?! But I lick him, and he licks me, and I lick him, etc. All strategies were good enough to do it. And of course my father was much more stronger than me, making me hard to reach his face. The cuddles became a fighting game, less and less game, more and more fight.
At one point, I didn’t want to lick him anymore, but really wished to give him a kiss. But he didn’t believe me. He thought it was the continuation of my seductive strategy. So he didn’t make me able to reach his cheek.
It’s maybe silly, but I still have a painful memory of this moment.

2018-05-04 21.26.24
TRIUMPH is a duo/duet/duel. Naked, 2 women are wearing but one glove each. They are in a ring, they are fighting. It is a special fight. A fight of possession.
The rules are simple: DON’T THINK! JUST DO IT! Cheating is forbidden. Otherwise, everything is permitted.

The performance space is a square, reminding a boxes ring.  The audience is around; sited or standing. People can move, get closer, or move in and out of the room.

Listen, it's almost to start...

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