ABOUT: creative

Lise is a multi-genre artist working across theatre, dance and live art.

While her work encompasses both movement and words, her body is her main tool. She uses it as a political object to question identity: who am I? She also uses it as a place to experiment with what freedom from preconceived definitions and norms imposed by culture, gender and education look and feels like. 

From personal stories to common narratives, there is no limit (formal or moral) in her research and practice, solo or in collaboration. She is going as far as her intuition leads her, or as the project needs to, pushing then her own boundaries, and exploring her non-comfort zone. This includes nudity, intimacy and duration, and the use of animals as well as natural materials. 

She usually performs in non-dedicated and site-specific spaces, in a close (and often participative) relationship with the audience. She tries so to cross the line in social interactionshoping this makes all – performer and audience – more active and engaged. 

Unusual, odd, provocative and/or radical, baroque and surrealist, ritualistic, and definitely peculiar, so is her work.


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